Windows 10 Compatibility

WinWam is compatible with Windows 10.

There are some things to consider before moving to Windows 10.

1. Due to additional security checks by Windows 10, you may be warned that the installer or WinWam itself is "unsafe". WinWam is and has always been free of any viruses or malware. We have taken steps to reduce these warnings in newer versions of WinWam. If you receieve this warning, click "More Info", then "Run Program Anyway".

2. SQL 2008 and older DO NOT run on Windows 10. If you are in a sync environment using SQL 2008 or older, we recommend upgrading all instances of SQL as part of the upgrade process.

3. Scales, barcode scanners, and other serial devices may require updated drivers or special installation procedures. 

4. Some of the older HyperText Handbooks require a special installation procedure to display on Windows 10.

WinWam support will gladly assist with migrations to Windows 10. Email to discuss your migration needs.